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简介 一、 私宠之家是什么? 私宠之家是一个私人非盈利性的专门救助流浪狗的NGO。流浪狗被私宠之家救助后,治病疗伤,在绝育和注射疫苗后,按“择优录取”的原则免费给市民领养。

二、 私宠之家的发展历程 2004年3月:私宠的负责人毛毛,GVLEE在广州市番禺区洛溪南浦岛游玩时发现了一批废弃在马场里的名种犬,他们为犬只的凄惨生活状况所震惊。经过与WUDAO等朋友商议,大家决定赎下这批犬,帮它们治疗后重新找人领养。于是,私宠之家求助香港SPCA救助组织,在该组织转介的亚洲动物基金杨敏的引导下,开始救助这些无人过问的配种犬。 紧接着在媒体的报道下,这批狗陆陆续续被爱心市民领养回家。正在此时,私宠之家接到市民发现流浪狗的求助电话,私宠之家决定将救助进行到底,由此私宠之家诞生了.


2004年7月:私宠之家面临第一次搬迁。这对一个刚起步的私宠无异是雪上加霜,私宠坚持着, 开始倡导机构或个人救助应保证质量的理念,并着手大力提高私宠的救助质量,树立高标准的救助模版,引起更多爱犬人士的关注.

2005年4月:私宠之家第二次搬迁。救助的道路十分艰辛, 私宠总结一年救助经验, 依据私宠的实际能力, 为保障质量而正式明确私宠之家的运作原则:- 20只为满员, 一出一进 - 怀孕母犬可破例接收 - 细水长流,可持续发展,不追求短期迅速扩张规模


Guangzhou’s independent and non-profit dog rescue shelter, PAMILY, is driven by the passion of its volunteers and their commitment to rescuing street dogs. On March 1, 2004, our volunteers saved 20 street dogs, overwhelmed and encouraged by the success, we founded the PAMILY to continue our efforts in helping street dogs and educating people.

Since that first day, PAMILY has moved three times, each time to a larger placer to provide better conditions for more street dogs. Currently, at its Panyu location, PAMILY has four floors, all well-equipped to give the dogs a safe home. The first floor is the reception area, where people can come to see dogs available for adoption, and where people can play with the smaller dogs. The second floor is where the smaller healthy dogs live and where new dogs are observed when they first arrive. The third and fourth floors are for the larger dogs. Medical and kitchen facilities are divided between the second and third floors.

PAMILY is a haven for up to 20 dogs at one time, a small number that sees that each dog receives the care it needs. Each dog is fed twice a day with food made to meet its health requirements, particularly if it needs to recover from an illness, malnutrition, or abuse. Special medical needs are met by consulting experts and by using veterinarians when necessary. The living quarters are cleaned and disinfected twice daily, ensuring that the animals have a clean, safe and pleasant home. PAMILY has one paid staff who stay with the dogs and cook for them, but volunteers do a lot work, from cleaning the building to washing the dogs, from walking them to re-establishing the dog’s trust in people.

PAMILY does a lot of outreach and public education as well, going to schools and public events to talk about helping abandoned dogs and preventing cruelty to animals. We sponsor and attend events which bring people and the dogs together, helping each overcome any fear or shyness. The events spread awareness of us and what we do, and we gain volunteers who are eager to join our family and contribute.

On the PAMILY website at http://www.pamily.com, people are informed about how they can help, and encouraged to share their experiences of working with the society. The website shows the successes that PAMILY has had in finding loving homes for the forgotten dogs, and people can follow the stories of the many dogs who have been adopted without cost over the years. It is an open and welcoming forum which lists its finances for all to see for discussion, without membership requirements or advertising.

We recognize the precious profits from PAMILY’s operation are the great rewards people have from helping with a worthy cause, those benefits are far greater than money--the profits of the society and its people are the great work everyone does.

Chief Volunteer Organizer
Tel: 13710366604
Guangzhou, China